I am taking a Photography class at BlissDom this weekend.

I've met a lot of people who have fancy cameras and shoot everything in "auto" because they don't really know how to use the pretty buttons. I will not be one of these people.


I have a fancy camera now and I want to know how to wield that sucker on "manual mode."

I want to understand lighting! And lenses!


I want to understand more about composition and cropping techniques. (heh)


I have good looking kids. I want to take pictures of them like this one (ZOMG. And isn't that child beautiful?)

This amazing photographer is going to be teaching my class. She took my profile pics last year. (See tiny picture up in the corner? She did that.) I can't wait to hug her. And maybe beg her to re-shoot my blog pic because I have bare teeth now.

National Geographic -- or well, maybe just really nice Snapfish books -- here I come!


mo.stoneskin said...

Tell you what, I reckon you should enrol yourself in a 'cropping techniques' class real fast.

Rima said...

Ha! The cropping skillz can really come in handy :)

Mary DeTurris Poust said...

What kind of fancy camera did you get? I'm looking to get one.

sheri said...

I got in my car yesterday morning to take the kids to school and my console was open, and the camera gone. out of it's case. first thought - YAY! (Is it SO WRONG to be excited over perceived theft?? especially if you want a NEW ONE and as of yet couldn't justify it?) Alas, it was my freakin oldest - he had gotten in the car the night before to grab the camera for something after school...sigh. no reason now. unless it accidentally falls off of my desk. just sayin. things happen.

Amy said...

Mary - I have a Canon XSi. Instead of the kit lens that comes with it, I ordered the body only and got a Canon 50mm 1.4 lens for it.

I barely even know what any of that means. It was 100% on the suggestion of a couple of friends who are excellent amateur photogs - asking them what they use, what they recommend. (Jennifer from Playgroups Are No Place For Childen and Michelle from Burgh Baby.)

So far I love it. I've quite accidentally taken some really nice shots (like the one in this post of my daughter).

Burgh Baby said...

"Quite accidentally" my ass. :-) I think you will learn from Mishi that you do a whole lot of things right. There's always room for improvement; but that's true for absolutely everyone.

What's fun is when you flip to manual, push a couple of buttons, tweak a little something, and then notice that someone has been staring at you slack-jawed and amazed that you know how to do all that. It is FUN!

Nicole Marie said...

LOL booty shot! I can't wait to get a new fancy, schmancy camera. I just got a canon point and shoot this christmas and it has a manual mode. So i'm going to learn on that one first and then graduate.

Cynthia said...

Hey girl...SO great to meet you last night!

Anonymous said...

Love the tushie shot

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

I'm sorry I missed ya'll for dinner last night! Had to get home and rest the ole hip after dancing Friday night (LOL..I kid...sorta). ;)

Just waiting on the Harry pics now...sigh.

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