Sprout TV DVD Give-Away!

I have a fun DVD to give away today!

See this lovely group of ladies sharing breakfast at Blissdom? They are all part of the PBS Sprout TV Band of Bloggers.


(L-R): Liza from Liza was Here with her adorable little girl; Me; Jamie from Blonde Mom Blog (I took this picture and the links from her site); Rowena from The Ella Echo; Shannon from Sprout TV with her darling baby boy; Dwan from MommaDJane; Christy from Quirky Fusion; Jen from 4tunate; Shannan from Mommy Bits; and Jill from The Diaper Diaries . (Photo courtesy of Shannan from Mommy Bits.)

Sprout and its partners HIT Entertainment & Lionsgate are producing a new DVD series called "Let's Grow." The Band of Bloggers moms provided feedback on the topic selection, which will include safety, manners, and expressing feelings. The unique part is that the theme of each DVD is shown by pulling from a variety of shows - Thomas the Tank Engine, Bob the Builder, Barney, Angelina Ballerina, etc. - tied together by short segments from the Sunny Side Up Show hosts.

I have one to give away with the theme of "Lending a Helping Hand," which celebrates all the different ways we can help each other.

Bear loved this, especially Thomas and Fireman Sam.

Tell me what you and your kids love about Sprout and you are entered to win!

Contest ends at midnight on Monday, March 1st.

Many thanks to the wonderful people at Sprout!!

Congratulations to the winners of the $50 gift cards from Kraft's iFood Blackberry app - The Urban Cowboy and CassJustCurious.

Also coming soon to this here blog: Another DVD give-away for kids, one for adults, and also - SMUCKERS. Stay tuned y'all.


Heather said...

We love that it's on all the time so any time we need a break there is something fun to watch on Sprout!

Amy said...

Heather - That is one of the things I love! Even just a few years back when Shark Boy was a preschooler, all the preschool programs ended around 4 pm, so when I needed something while I was fixing dinner it was all way too old for him. It's great that it's on all the time!

Jennifer said...

For some reason we only have Sprout onDemand and not the actual Sprout channel, but we love it. It is nice being able to show my son quality kids shows instead of the ridiculous cartoons with hyperactive shouting characters that the other channels feature. Thomas and Friends is one of our favorites.

Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

Oh man -- we *LOVE* Sprout! That is one of the best things that came out of getting digital cable. :) I just love how gentle Sprout is -- really great programming. Even my 10 yr old son enjoys watching it with us.

Rachel Boldman said...

I have no earthly idea what Sprout is, and we have never watched it! Can I still enter?! :) Zeke is OBSESSED with trains and barney, although he's never ever seen Thomas and has only seen Barney maybe twice!

Dana said...

My daughter loves all the cartoons on Sprout! I like that every show teaches something and has a good meaning behind it unlike some of the cartoons on other channels.


Scott said...

My son loves Sprout. Watches it every day, looks forward to seeing the live portions and the Wiggles. Watching him dance to the Wiggles is hilarious. Love the station.

workout mommy said...

my kids love all things Sprout! It is my favorite as well because the programming is perfect for little children. Thanks!

The Urban Cowboy said...

Wanted to thank you again for the gift card...it went towards a much needed new cowboy hat!

Life Lasting Air Conditioning Filters said...

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Sally @ Don't Wake the Kids said...

I'm tired of the cold too. Cute pic! And we love LOVE love Sprout. DD who's 6 and DS who's 3 watch it together. It's precious!

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