Weekly Winners - February 7 - 13

February 7 - February 13

This is the kind of desperation Project 365 has caused. I've photographed soap, it's that bad. And more than once I've arrived at the end of the day not having picked up my camera, with no good light left anywhere, and just snapped myself because that's all there was and I have to take a picture - even if it's stupid and crappy - every day.

Potty Training Gear

Blissdom reminders.


Happy Valentine's Day.


Rebecca at Toothwhale said...

I see my card! Happy Valentine's Day to you, you sassy hair lady, you.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

How did you do the cool heart lights in the gorgeous rose photo?

I love all the business cards. I have a basket on my desk here at home with my card collection.

Oh and the cute little undies....sniff. :)

Amy said...

Rebecca - You design is one of my faves!

Jamie - It's one of Picnik's Valentine effects - bokeh hearts.

Colleen said...

Who knew that underwear would make such an interesting and colorful subject?!

Tara R. said...

I think it's just the habit of taking photos that's so good.

These are fun shots. Love the collection of cards, and the rose is beautiful.

Momo Fali said...

You are way prettier than soap. Just so you know.

Rachel said...

I love.

I didn't get near as many cards as people that I met!

LOVE the potty training gear and I adore the pic of you xoxo

Burgh Baby said...

I KNOW. I can't wait until winter is over so I can have good light at least until after dinner. I've been taking some horrible photos just to be able to say that I took at least one.

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