The Short List

My short list of desires, in no particular order:

1. New everyday dishes that work. (Oddly, mine do not work. Long story.)
2. A backcountry hiking trip.
3. Various lenses for my camera.
4. New floors.
5. An exterminator.
6. A maid.
7. Bubble bath that doesn't feature Elmo and smell like blueberry-banana.
8. A bicycle.
9. Time for -- reading, writing, taking pictures, creating a few photo books, spring cleaning, decorating and baking for Easter, cleaning out the kid's closets and organizing their clothes, planting flowers.
10. A horse. Of course.

The one thing I want that I'm going to get is a cup of tea.

What's on your short list?

(PS: If your short list includes watching a movie, enter my contest.)


mo.stoneskin said...

So THAT's where the blueberry-banana smell was coming from.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Great list, going to have to think about mine.

Lori said...

I have been thing about a list of things I would like. I was actually planning a post about it right after the 10 other post I need to write! But my short list looks like this so far:

New hair dryer.
Boar bristle hair brush.
Better flat iron.

Do you see a theme here?

I guess to top it all off would be someone to fix my hair everyday. Okay, let's not be greedy, every other day!

Meadowlark said...

To not have to work full-time so I can be a wife. Sadly, this one might be a while. :(

That said, I did quit the new job I'd just started because I hated it so much. Money be d*mned!

Amy said...

mo - Yep that's me, smelling like a breakfast muffin.

Frau - I rarely have to think about a list of what I want. It's a curse.

Lori - At least your list is easier to get your arms (and wallet) around than mine!

Meadowlark - I wish that too very often - that I could just be a wife and mother. (I don't hate my job though, so I'm grateful for that.) I hope you find something you like!!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Ditto your list on time and new floors (our carpet in the den MUST GO). I need a home improvement fund to get all the yucky but necessary things done, such as having a huge old evergreen tree that has died in the back yard cut down. Blech! Now how I want to spend money.

I need our old dog to be "fixable." My heart is breaking over her declining health.

I also need a tropical vacation and a big ole drink, preferably something with rum.

Life As I Know It said...

seems like a reasonable list of wants....I hope you get them all - in time, but for now, I hope you enjoyed the tea :)

Sarahviz said...

The ability to find new spring clothing that fits! And is on sale!

Anonymous said...
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Mary said...

Dishes that don't work?!! I'd love to hear that one! Thanks for following!

Shannon O | Confessions of a Loving Wife said...

Love the list!

We all have one... someday it`s longer than others...

KittyCat said...

Hmmmm, my short list would be........
- one day with no barking dogs
-sleeping in past 7am
-having a cup of coffee in quite peaceful place
-taking pto at work for an actual vacation, not to run kids around for sporting events.

Rebecca at Toothwhale said...

I'll "third" time and new floors, though I'm already being spoiled by getting half a new bathroom and so that will be all. I also want a date with my husband.

Wendy said...

I too, would love a couple of new lenses for my camera. It might be a disease! More time in the day would be nice, too. I hope you get some of your wishes.

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