Your Advice on Sleep and Summer Home School

I’ve been turning over in my mind two issues, one for each of my boys, wondering what to do. Last night I suddenly thought – I know a giant network of moms. I don’t need Google searches. I’ll ask the MOMS.

Please comment with your advice and suggestions.

Boy #1
Age 3.5, rambunctious and full of attitude, big eater, night owl
Issue: Sleeping in a big boy bed through the night
Current Status: Still in his crib (Oh don’t judge me. He still fits and we get full nights of sleep around here.)

We simply must get this kid out of the crib, but my fear is a repeat of the 18-months where one of us had to get up in the middle of the night every night and take Shark Boy back to his bed.

Bear fights going to sleep now. If we let it go, he would still be playing happily at 10 pm. I have the option to convert Bear’s crib to a toddler bed, or bring in the twin bed. I’ve thought of buying him cowboy bedding, since he loves cowboys. I’ve thought of an alarm clock on the small chance he will stay in bed until the alarm goes off, just because we say that’s how it works.

What has worked for you to keep the Pull-Up set in bed at night?

Boy #2
Turns 8 in June, serious, thoughtful, big temper, awesome giggle
Issue: Summer studies to prep for 3rd grade
Current Status: He’s doing incredibly well academically, according to both his teacher and his test scores. There are no concerns.

However, we want to keep hitting the “refresh” button during the summer so the start of 3rd grade isn’t such a harsh re-entry.

I’ve been wondering if some of you who home school know of any resources that we could use as sometime, supplemental work for him this summer. We can keep him reading easily, and I thought of a journaling idea to keep him writing. We talked about a play store for money skills. Any other ideas? Any good ideas for math resources to transition from 2nd to 3rd?



Smoochiefrog said...

As far as the summer schooling question, there are some great books you can get at teacher stores and sometimes at Staples. They're called Summer Bridge books. You can read about them here. They are really simple activities that can be done daily to help your child stay on the ball over the summer. If you click on the sample button, you can see examples of the work included in the books.

Hope that helps!

Mary said...

Don't judge me either, but when my newly four year old comes downstairs and crawls in bed with us, I let him stay and savor the moment - it won't last forever. If he comes down too early (before, say, three AM) we do take him back upstairs.

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Oh my gosh, I love that your 3.5 year old is still in his crib! My 2.5 daughter is - and I love it. I know she needs to move to a big girl bed, but you're right - it's nice to sleep all night, isn't it? Of course, as I only have one child who's younger than yours, I don't have any advice. Just love for that little boy in his crib!

Jordana said...

#1 Putting them in a room/bed with older sibling works pretty well for us. We've already moved the teeny one into her sisters' bed (she was climbing out of the crib and falling thunk on the floor).

#2 Look at Math Mammoth (google it). You can buy various sets of worksheets on all sorts of topics. I haven't used it, but it gets great reviews. Might be too easy, but Catholic Heritage Curriculum just came out with an easy reader and journal book that looks like it might be fun.

For the summer with my rising 3rd grader, I'm just going to practice handwriting (maybe have her send some letters) and keep plugging away with math lessons from books we already have. If I'm really ambitious we might do art.

Ellen aka Ellie said...

When my son was younger, he had a job jar. Sometimes his job was to read aloud to me (even though he was strong reader, fluency is always an important skill to practice). Sometimes he would practice math facts--multiplication comes into play in third grade and up.

We'd read the same book and talk about it, open-ended stuff not yes or no answered questions.

Writing to people, writing with a purpose, is important. Could he send postcards of local things to far away friends?

There are many on-line sources for free worksheets, websites too. Try www.abcya.com or www.aaamath.com for all sorts of fun practice games.

Kids like whiteboard math, doing problems you make up on a white slate with a dry erase marker is more motivating than doing so on paper.

All kids suffer from a "summer gap," so just keeping aware of any school skills will benefit.

Ellie the teacher

Anonymous said...

You just totally burst my summer bubble. Wahh.

The only way we got through the transition to a bed was by being very stern, telling Lorenzo that something prized will be taken away if he gets me out of bed in the night (he is allowed to get up to use the toilet or get water on his own).

mo.stoneskin said...

I don't think I have much to say of any help, only having one child and that being a 19-month-old little monster I mean daughter.

All I know is that once she's out the cot (or crib) I will no longer get my daily 6:30am lie-in...

Amy said...

smootchiefrog - Thank you for the link!

Mary - Oh I know! If I could train him that he can come and stay with us if it's light out, but has to stay in bed as long as it's dark...

Mary - I can't believe he's still in it. My other kids were out at age 2, so I think this is a little ridiculous, but also I think what's the big deal. But it's time now. (SOB)

Jordana - That makes complete sense about putting them with a sibling, but I'm not sure my older one, who is 8, will stand for his baby brother sleeping in his room. If I had two closer together, I'd do that for sure.

Thanks for the math tip!

Ellie - Thanks! I like the jar idea, and the white board. I can see how the white board would be fun for him.

de - My little bull-headed thing scoffs at stern. He OWNS stern. (No one gives a better stern scowl than little Bear.)

mo - True, you can kiss your sleeping in goodbye!

Rebecca at Toothwhale said...

I think it's possible that Bear will transition easier than Shark did by virtue of being older. At our house, Henry went to a big boy bed at two and it felt like a long process. We waited until Harper was three, and it's been much less exasperating, even though she's my spunkier one. Bear might surprise you.

Anonymous said...

We've always taken them out of the crib super early and had a short adjustment period. We just keep walking them back to bed and it seems to eventually stick.

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