Cinnamon Pastry Roll

When I was growing up, whenever my mom made a pie she also made a cinnamon roll. Now, when Shark Boy sees me with pie crust the first thing he says is, "Can we make a cinnamon roll?" And if I don't watch carefully, he'll eat the whole thing and not share!

These are a great way to let kids learn to bake. When you are trimming your pie crust, ball up the leftover dough and let them roll it out. It doesn't have to be any particular shape or size as long as it's about the same thickness you would use for a pie crust.


Spread butter all over it.


Now sprinkle it with sugar and cinnnamon.


Roll it up, and spread a little butter on top and one more sprinkle of sugar and cinnamon.


Place it in the most ancient, beat up small pan you own. (good grief)


Put it in the oven next to your pie. I usually pull mine out after 5-7 minutes (when it starts to brown on top).

Hot, fresh cinnamon pastry!


I loved the cinnamon rolls as much as the pie when I was little!

More ideas:

Make a lot of smaller ones (cigarette size) to serve on the side of some butter pecan ice cream for an elegant and easy adult dessert. OR

Add chopped nuts before you roll it up. OR

Drizzle the top with powdered sugar and milk icing.

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Happy Monday!


Liz Mays said...

Oh wow, that looks divine!

Anonymous said...

My mom did the same. (All the time admonishing me that pie crust was no good for me. Wet Blanket is her middle name.)

And so would I, if the instructions didn't start with "whenever you make a pie," because for me that would be...never.

Rima said...


I. Love. Cinnamon Roll.

The Urban Cowboy said...

That not only looks scrumptious, it seems so easy to make even I could do it!

Burgh Baby said...

I love making those, but hate that it requires the whole "make a pie" thing. Because, um, no. That's why I have friends who love to bake and have time to do it. ;-)

evenshine said...

My mom did this, too! Awesomeness. We do add brown sugar and nuts. And then shape into a crescent and score little slices- cause otherwise I'd have the whole thing in my mouth before it cooled. Not a great idea...

Amy said...

So simple and so yummy!!

Rachel said...

We used to make tiny cinnamon rolls.. I LOVE that idea, though! YUM!!!!!


Life As I Know It said...

oh, you just brought back memories of my mom doing the same thing! mmm, I loved the leftover pie crust!

Kymbrlee at Mom It Forward said...

Yummy! this looks absolutely delicious :) I cant wait to try it.

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