Mr. Smith's Hat 7

Oh my my! {clutches heart}

May marked our 15th wedding anniversary and I'm looking very much forward to the next 15 and the 15 after that.

One of my favorite scenes from the stage of life we are in right now is when he gets into bed (I'm always there first), pulls back the covers, and says something like "Clone Troopers" as he gathers up the little figures and tosses them out of the bed. Or he climbs in only to climb right back out to brush sand off of the covers. Or sweep out popcorn. Or rocks or cap guns or mulch.

The other night he went to climb in beside me and said "That's a first," and plucked a pair of chop sticks from the bed.

Mr. Smith's Hat 5

I sure love this cowboy and those boys he gave me.

Even if there are sometimes popsicle sticks in my bed.


Malia said...

Awww! Love this! Congrats to y'all! We celebrate 15 years on the 29th of this month. :-)

Amy said...

Hi Malia! Congrats to you too!

The Urban Cowboy said...

Hi Amy, and congrats on a beautiful and lasting relationship with your cowboy! And of course your wonderful children, aren't they something...I love kids, and miss my little man being a kid.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Happy 15 years to you two and here is to many, many more happy years together.

Love the cowboy hat pic. Swoon!

Red Shoes said...

Congratulations!!! How wonderful!!!


Rebecca said...

Happy 15th anniversary to you and your handsome cowboy!

Amy said...

Thanks everyone!!

PattiKen said...

Aw, how sweet. Congratulations, and many more years of creative bedding!

the sandwich life said...

great post!

Amy said...

PattiKen - Oh that's a funny comment!

sandwich - Thanks so much!!

Rima said...

I love a coyboy who doesn't mind legos in the bed! Happy anniversary!

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