Shark Bites - The Office

Waaaaay back in April of 2008, I wrote a post about having to take Shark Boy to work with me one day. It went a little like this:

Scene: My office with me typing, concentrating on a report on my computer.
Him: "I'm trying to color this passenger plane. I need you to Google "passenger plane" so I can see the colors."
Me: "Make it whatever color you want."
Him: "I really need to see it. "
Me: "But, it's your plane. You can make it whatever color you want."
Him: "I don't know what color this plane is supposed to be."
Me: "Fine." (Googles. Two seconds later...) "Here. See?"
Him: (Studies several photos.) "Thanks."(Two minutes later...)
Him: "I need to see it again."
Me: "No. I'm working."
Him: ...
Him: I really can't remember what color the wing stripe is."
Me: "Honey, Mommy's busy."
Him: ...
Me: "Daddy will buy you ice cream if you stop interrupting me."
Him: ...
Me: (He's not going to let this go...) "OK, one more look."

He wasn't being bad, just being six. Look at this. Can I have some tape? Do you have a crayon sharpener here? Can I climb up onto your window ledge and stand up at the giant plate glass windows on the 4th floor of this old, old building that who knows if I lean on it it may just fall out of the window hole? (NOOO!) Look at this! Can I go to the bathroom again? Do you have any more snacks? Look at this. What makes Mexican jumping beans jump? Can you spin me in this chair? Are you popular here? Whatcha doing? Look at this! Is your work always so boring? When's Dad coming?

When. Indeed.
Fast forward to last week, Shark Boy age 8, at work with Mommy again.

Scene: My very quiet office, me working on the agenda for an important meeting and Shark hooking together in a chain every last blasted paper clip in the place. But he's quiet.

Suddenly, Him: "What is your calling?"
Me, looking up dazedly: ...
Him: "What do you do here?"

Me, still lost in meeting preparation trying to focus on his question and well - it's complicated! Multifaceted! So I'm sort of staring at him and...

Him, lowering his voice so as not to be overhead: "Do you know?"

(It completely cracked me up that he thought maybe I didn't know what my job was.)

So, meeting time comes and I tell him to keep quiet and color while I'm in the conference room next door. If he needs anything he can ask Ms. C in the outer office.

I stick my head in the door to check on him midway through the meeting. At first I don't see him, and then I notice this:


The top of his head sticking out of a box lying on the floor.


I go for the camera, quietly, since he is sound asleep in the box, wedged in a space between my conference table and desk.

Even in sleep he is hilarious!


Red Shoes said...


WHY do they HAVE to grow up!?!?!?!?!

Cherish that photo forEVER!!!!


Amy said...

Thanks shoes - it is SO funny!!

anymommy said...

That is fantastic. I remember going to my Dad's office and falling asleep on the floor.

The Urban Cowboy said...

Oh man that is cute! Kids are just so adorable...that is classic.

Anonymous said...

"Do you know?" So funny! That's going into my repertoire.

And how do you get so lucky as to have a kid that sleeps in random places? Mine have trouble sleeping at home, and my mother always blames me for being too exciting. Hah!

Jennuine said...

I LOVE this. That is just amazing . . .

evenshine said...

Love the pic...and love "shark bites". The question about your "calling" made me choke on my coffee. You're braver than I am for taking him to the office with you!!

Amy said...

de - It was SO FUNNY. He whispered like it would be bad if anyone overheard me admitting that I actually didn't know what I was supposed to be doing. So funny!

Jennuine - Hey good to see you girlie!

evenshine - Yes, the calling... He thinks in fairly religious terms about life's work and I love that about him so much! For him right now it shakes out into "priest" and "married to some girl yuck" HA!

Heather, Queen of Shake Shake said...

Shark boy, don't let your mom fool you, NONE OF US know what we're doing here, there, anywhere.

Amy said...

Heather - It crossed my mind actually to consider that question in the eschatological sense. And he did make me think for a minute - big picture - what AM I doing here?

Liz Mays said...

Now that is just the cutest thing!

Rima said...

The part about him asking if you know what you do there totally cracked me up. I mean, that's just classic. He is at such a fun age, isn't he?

Mary said...


Felicia said...

Awesome! I love his question to you. :)

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