Last year I began receiving thoughtful e-mail comments from a reader named Ann, who found my blog when I posted about Nashville's wonderful Ellington Agricultural Center.

Ann's father was the governor of Tennessee from 1959-1963 and again from 1967-1971. The agricultural center is named for Governor Ellington and the gorgeous white house on the property is called Miss Catherine's House, in honor of Ann's mother.

I found out that Ann is an artist. Painting, jewelry design, stained glass, bead work - she does it all. Earlier this summer, I finally met Ann and saw her wonderful studio. And look what I got:

Ann Ellington Wagner designed necklace

This stunning creation is a statement piece for sure. I absolutely love it. Turquoise is such a magnificent color, the shade of western skies and caribbean oceans. And that pendant - it's very heavy. Can you guess what it is?

Ann Ellington Wagner necklace

It's marble!

Turquoise necklace

Even the clasp is pretty.

Ann Ellington Wagner jewelry

And the earrings - I love them. I wear them a lot, with and without the necklace.

Ann may want to knock me on the head with a marble pendant for mentioning this, but when your new friend was a personal friend of ELVIS PRESLEY for years, trust me, you just have to get that right out there in the open. Because ELVIS Y'ALL!


This is beautiful Ann. With beautiful Elvis. They make a super cute couple actually, don't you think?

Other things I love: this fantastic bear painting (I think I need that for Bear's room. Quick! Send money!) and the Jade and Pineapple quartz necklace (Oh those colors would go with absolutely everything!).

AEW colage

I love my turquoise necklace - my Ann Ellington Wagner original. How amazing would it be to have such artistic talent!

Check out her web site at the link above, and if you are in Nashville visit the Ellington Agricultural Center. It's one of my favorite places to take the kids.

(This post was not in any way sponsored or compensated. I am simply friends with the artist.)

Isn't blogging the best way to meet the coolest people? All of you just re-entering from BlogHer - am I right?


Denise @ Musician's Widow said...

WOW! I never knew about the museum. I will be checking it out very soon, now. That jewelry is beautiful... amazing the people that will enter your life in the most random ways.

Michelle Smiles said...

Gorgeous and very cool!

The Urban Cowboy said...

Her work is awesome, and how cool is that...knowing Elvis!!

Lori said...

I love that necklace! I might have to borrow it... as soon as I return the other necklaces I have of yours.

Amy said...

Denise - The ag center is amazing! Go to the Music and Molasses Festival in October - it is so much fun!

Michelle - Very cool!

Cowboy - Isn't it fascinating to think of talking to Elvis face to face?

Lori - heh!

Busy Mom said...

You are very right, and that it way cool!

evenshine said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!

Amy said...

Busy Mom - I can't wait for yuor "voice of reason" recap post!

evenshine - I know!! It's gorgeous, and so is Ann. (She looks ike a movie star doesn't she?)

Ellen aka Ellie said...

You know, this was just such a pleasant post, and I'm so glad you shared it. Lovely jewelry, a Bear and Elvis. What else is needed to look at on a blah Illinois Tuesday?

Simply made me smile!

mudmama said...

Lovely! What a neat new friend to make :)

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

What an amazing story!!! That necklace is absolutely gorgeous. And the Elvis pic...WOW.

Blogging has been such a great way to network and meet new people. That's really one of the best aspects.

Love the Agricultural Center. We have not been yet this summer. I think a fall trip is in order (don't they have a fun molasses festival?)

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