The Bull Ridin' Song

Cowboy BEAR
Last fall Mr. P was flipping through the channels on TV and stopped on Professional Bull Riding. My boys were riveted, especially little Bear who was not even three yet.

Bear fixated on bull riding with all his toddler energy. We did a cowboy birthday, he got boots and a hat and some chaps, and he rides his spring horse so hard it moves around the room until he tosses himself from the saddle (gets bucked off) and leaps to the sofa (so he doesn't get trampled).

His favorite bull rider is a young man named (music warning on this link) J. B. Mauney (pronounced "mooh-nee") . Three-year old Bear sort of mushes those initials together and calls him "Jackie Mauney," which charms the socks right off of his Mama. Here is J. B.:


( I love that hat.)

Bear also likes a rider named Kody Lostroh. Kody won the world championship last year and took home $1.5 million dollars.


This weekend the PBR comes to Nashville. Bear is so excited. The other night he grabbed a toy microphone and sang me "the bull ridin' song" which I'm seriously thinking should be the opening act at the PBR. I don't know if this indicates Bear's calling as a bull rider or as a heavy metal rocker, but it sure would get the crowd going!

I present: The Bull Ridin' Song

The Bull Ridin' Song from Amy Smith on Vimeo.

You want to go see some bull ridin' now don't you?

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Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

What a great blog and a great blog name...Enjoyed reading your blog tonight.....
Hope you will stop by for a visit...I am giving away lots of GIFTS this week on both blogs....to celebrate


Anonymous said...

That video is fantastic! So hilariously cute. (I don't know how you managed to hold the camera straight; I would have been on the floor after the second song.)

Several years ago I was in Texas on business and got to go see a rodeo that included bull riding. It certainly is an adrenaline rush.

evenshine said...


I am DYING...how did you keep from laughing uproariously the whole time???

I concur- definitely should be a theme song. To anything! Gets ya fired up...and his little dance is great!

Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by Teresa!

de and evenshine - OMgosh he's so funny. (He takes this bull riding business really seriously.)

rubbish said...

Your boy could stand in for Ozzy. Seriously falling about laughing at that vid. The cat who was snoozing on my lap nearly shot through the ceiling with the first "BULL RIDING".

Meadowlark said...

Well you KNOW how much I love your Bear, but my musical ear just isn't sufficiently sophisticated to discern between the three songs. They sounded ALMOST the same, except maybe for the decibel level! (snicker snicker)

I do hope you sent that on to the PBR. It needs to go viral!

Amy said...

rubbish - Sorry about the cat. Yes, he's as musically talented as Ozzy! (rolls eyes)

meadowlark - Isn't he just hilarious!

The Urban Cowboy said...

Dang it, you got yourself a cowboy there!

Double dang it, I love your accent...reminds me of home. ;)

Now I'll be coming by every day just to replay that clip.

Mary said...

That is sooo funny! Yep, he's got me all excited to see PBR! Sounds like he might be ready for wrestling! :D

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