I don't have a good picture of all three of my kids together (they are moving targets), so I decided to fix that by taking some pictures of them this weekend.

I figured if I planned the pictures, instead of just trying to grab a shot or two during a chaotic birthday party, for example, I'd finally get a folder full of excellent pictures.

Let's have a look, shall we?


The subjects, not paying attention.
(No, she didn't get that hair from me unfortunately.)


Off to a stellar beginning.


Everyone please pay attention at the same time and don't make weird fake smiley faces!


We're getting closer, but baby Bear, oh goodness that face.


One giant step backward with this one. Just look at the faces the boys are making. How am I supposed to shoot in these conditions? How pitiful are they?


Now this would have been really good, except for the statue's head in the middle. (This one did capture one of my very favorite expressions of Bear's. I call it "nonplussed and unimpressed.")


This is where I begin to accept that Bear will never produce a normal smile as long as he is aware of the camera.

Here are the best ones (2 out of 136):



I haven't given up yet. I will get the shot I want before Bear is grown!

P.S. I love all of these pictures. Just sayin.


Jordana said...

I guess sometimes you have to give up and accept that the best photo isn't the perfect one. But they sure all do look good.

Amy said...

Thanks Jordana. You would know too having twice as many kids as me!

Anonymous said...

They're an adorable trio. Plenty of blackmail fodder here, for when those boys bring home girlfriends. Sure, I can laugh - my son can't smile for the camera at all either.

Hope you had fun on that beautiful day.

Meadowlark said...

Actually, great shots because you caught PERSONALITY. (which my second-son has plenty of, I see)

They. Grow. Up. Too. Fast. :( Enjoy it while ya can.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Such beautiful pictures of your beautiful kids!

p.s. I recognize that location...I worked there for 6 years!

Burgh Baby said...

Your daughter looks absolutely gorgeous in every single one. True story.

(You're soooo screwed!)

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Those expressions just crack me UP! They are all beautiful, of course. But getting any group of people to look normal at the same time is so frustratingly hard - especially when you involve kiddos!

MargieK said...

Oh my, does your daughter have it DOWN! Gorgeous in every shot (even the one with the beautiful hair in her face, LOL!).

FWIW, I'm 53 and still take terrible pictures -- I mean it's hard to get a good pic OF me (I'm pretty good behind the camera, actually). I have the kind of face that squints when I smile, so I usually look like I have my eyes closed.

I know the secret -- practise! But it sure feels weird.

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