Keep Clicking

One thing I've learned about photographing people is to keep clicking past that first or second shot. This is especially true with kids.

I will demonstrate:

Camera ready, I say "Hey, look over here."
And I get this. So I say, "Can you smile?"

So he smiles. Cheese-ball smile. So I say, "No, really smile!"

So he does cheese-ball to the 4th power. So I say "Just smile NORMAL."

So he frowns, of course. So I tell him to say pickle, and he says pickle like an angry sailor would say - well nevermind. So I say, "Geez, are you mad at the pickle?!"

And -- he giggles.

And smiles.

And finally, he looks at me and smiles like a normal person.

When he smiles at me I swear my heart explodes every time. (It's possible I'm not going to be a very good mother-in-law.)


Meadowlark said...

Actually, you'll be a GOOD MIL, because nothing makes you happier as a mom than seeing the kid you love and adore be happy. I'm lovin' my DIL. And my new granddaughter!!!

Rima said...

That's really good advice! I'll try to remember it.

P.S. I never understood about Mothers-In-Law until I had a boy :)

Amy said...

Meadowlark- Congratulations!!!!!!!

Rima - I utterly failed to understand remotely the mother-son thing. (I was totally his first love. He's miiine!!)

Burgh Baby said...

That was TOTALLY worth the few seconds of frustration!

rachel said...

He is so handsome!

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