Puppy Update (Oh Help Me)

Remember when this happened?

And then, way too soon for me, this happened?

Well, our puppy Hunter is now 7 months old. Just like his beloved predecessor, he's an AKC registered Golden Retriever. And he cost about a million dollars (in other words - a simply ridiculous amount of money).

Somehow you think that getting the same breed (and paying out your nose for him) will get you a kind of repeat dog. Sam could never be replaced of course, but another Golden Retriever would have the temperament and intelligence, psychological traits, and a very similar basic personality bent.



Sam was beautiful. He was classy. He was a gentleman. He had a certain dignity.


Hunter is beautiful alright.


Practically the Platonic Form of 'Golden Retriever.'


But he's a little off.


Dignified wouldn't be the term that jumps to mind.

Short list of annoyances: Chewed through heavy-duty webbed harness, chewed through leather harness, chewed 3 (or 4?) $15 retractable leashes in half, eats plastic, eats fabric, eats wood, eats houseplants, shreds paper/toilet paper/cardboard, humps (Sam would never), is not fully housebroken yet (just shoot me and do I even need to go on?).

Pray for me ya'll.


Difficulty Bonding in Nashville


Rima said...


Angie's Spot said...

It seems like I was having those days with my German Shepherd, Roman, just yesterday. This too shall pass. I just hope it passes for you sooner than later. If it's any consolation, Hunter is a good looking boy! :-)

Michelle Smiles said...

Thank you for reminding me why I don't want another puppy. So cute! But...

Jenny said...

Oh man, this is just one of the many reasons, or should I say some, of the many reasons my husband says no dogs right now.

Bejewell said...

Our weiner dog Napoleon (technically a dachshund but who doesn't LOVE saying "weiner dog"?) also has some issues with chewing through leashes (lost count of how many we've replaced at this point, he severs them in two bites) and... um... PEEING. Makes you want to kill him.

But he's also the SWEETEST and most lovable dog I've ever had, and he and the bean are inseparable. Cute and Sweet go a long, long way.


Amy said...

Thanks everyone! He's cute and super soft and fluffy but... oh my goodness I'm having a hard time with him. He'll be fine eventually -- like maybe in a few years or something. I hope.

Mary said...

He'll grow out of it...hopefully! He really is pretty! That goofy picture was pretty funny!

Jennifer @ Her Southern Charm said...

Thank you for visiting! Your pictures are amazing and your puppy is GORGEOUS! Love dogs!

Jennifer @ Her Southern Charm said...

Thank you for visiting! Your pictures are amazing and your puppy is GORGEOUS! I love dogs!

Jordana said...

We lived with biggest, dumbest golden lab when we were renovating our house. I realized then how spoiled I am by our low matainence dog.

I hope he gets better.

JCK said...

Oh, the chewing... But, oh what a cutie!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Ohhhh I will pray for you AND thank you for again reminding me why we do not want to get a puppy this summer!

Hang in there mama!

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